Friday, October 12, 2007

Marriage is a Wonderful Thing...!

Enjoying Wedding Day Bliss is Mandy Rae Holliman (soon to be Winter) and Lee Michael Winter. The two will be married Friday October 19, 2007 at 7 pm at the Cadre Building in downtown Memphis Tennessee.

The two have been dating since their teenage years and have made a commitment to each other that will last a lifetime. In the mist of the wedding day preparation they are actively shopping for a new home. Just this week they've found the right one. And hopefully it all works out. They are so excited about the place and their plans to turn it into their home...! That gives me goose bumps, it pauses me into reflecting on my own marriage and the sweetheart that I fell in love with almost 30-years ago. As I've maintained for years; The greatest thing that every happened to me, happened in Sunday School for it was there that I met and fell in love my sweetheart Kelly Rae.

I know that Mandy and Lee have the exact same love for each other. It has stood the test of time through their tough teenage years and into young adulthood. As her Dad I'm so very proud of my little girl, and I'm so happy for her. She is living the dream, she's fallen in love with her "Prince Charming" and I can see it in her eye's, she really is in love..!

Turns out that her "Prince Charming" , Lee is a hard working, soon to be Electrician. For now he is well into his apprenticeship and with time, and hard work and a continued desire to achieve he will soon realize his goal of becoming a journeyman electrician. I know Lee will work hard. He has a good heart. Once you get to know him, heck you can't not but love him... He'll do his level best at making Mandy the best husband in the world and his children will know him as the big hearted-fun loving kid they call Dad. Lee learn your strengths and magnify them and don't sweat the small stuff. Being a great husband and father is probably all that really matters anyway...!

One more thought that comes to mind. With marriage comes family. That is the purpose of this life. When our Heavenly Father decides to send down those sweet innocent spirits for Mandy and Lee to raise what I know is this. Those sweet spirits will receive a great blessing. They will be given to the kindest, gentlest and most caring mother a child could ever hope for. Mandy you are that kind of person and you will be that kind of mother. I know this because I had that kind of mother, and Mandy you've been blessed with that same kind of mother and now you will have your turn. I've seen this in you everyday of her life....

And Mandy baby, what can I say..., I love you. Dad


The Wilson Family said...

The wedding was beautiful. We were so glad to be there and Eli loved dressing up for Aunt Mandy and Uncle Lee. We love you rabies and Lee.

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